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The System C collection in gray is an excellent base for creating any design in bathrooms. Gray colors used in interior design are synonymous with timeless style. Gray as a neutral color goes well with intense and expressive tones of bathroom walls, and also matches pastel shades perfectly. This flexibility guarantees the creation of functional and aesthetic bathroom furniture sets that meet the various requirements of users. Bathroom furniture sets from the System C collection in gray are a good choice based on proven style and versatility. The variety of dimensions allows the sets to be used on large and smaller surfaces where elegance and a sense of stability are important.

Space optimization

The variety of sizes of cabinets and countertops from the System C collection in gray guarantees a design tailored to the user's needs. You can choose from different depths and heights of cabinets for storing everyday hygiene accessories which will find their permanent place in the furniture from this collection and will always be at hand. Special inserts in the drawers help keep small items in order.
The width and length of the countertops can be selected depending on their intended use and the available space. Purchasing a washbasin means you can choose between ceramics, glass, and conglomerate.

Bathroom lighting

LED lamps mounted above the mirror cabinets increase comfort of use and help optimally illuminate the face during cosmetic treatments. The light fits perfectly with the balanced colors of the collection, emphasizing aesthetics, quality, and impeccable cleanliness.

Modular products
Furniture from the System C collection in gray is an expression of good taste and timeless style. The modularity of the collection means that it is possible to configure many different, yet stylistically consistent sets. The variety of widths and heights of cabinets and the choice of their installation system make it possible to select the optimal bathroom option depending on current needs. The furniture from this collection can be suspended or supported on adjustable, stable legs in two available heights.

High quality of use
The System C collection furniture in gray sets standards for conveniance. The soft-close system for drawers and doors guarantees the use of bathrooms, eliminating noise generation. Cabinets in many sizes are made of high-quality materials, and the drawers in the cabinets under the washbasins are equipped with practical organizers that enable you to store the items in perfect order. A wide range of countertops and handles facilitates creating arrangements that emphasize the user’s individuality. The quality of the products emphasizes the style and elegance of the bathroom interior, and at the same time guarantees impeccable cleanliness and neatness. The LED lighting of the lamps emphasizes the style and functionality of the System C collection in gray.

Color variants of countertops and furniture fronts allow you to create stylish arrangements. The gray color of the System C collection is perfect for projects that emphasize the elegance of the interior. Sustainable style, functionality and modularity will be used in arrangements dedicated to the most demanding customers and users.

Durability of materials
The materials used to produce gray System C furniture are highly resistant to moisture typical of bathrooms. Cabinets and countertops are easy to clean and resistant to dirt. Stability and safety of use are also ensured by the assembly system. The furniture can be suspended or alternatively mounted on stable legs in two available height-adjustable variants. Chrome, black, or gold handles give the furniture subtlety, and the posibility to choose from three color variants aids you to optimally harmonize all elements of the bathroom equipment.

Hinges and guides with a silent closing system make te usage of the contents of drawers and cabinets efficient and quiet. Furniture from the System C collection in gray is a showcase of style and elegance, while at the same time – an investment in functionality. Bathrooms equipped with furniture from this collection mean guaranteed and long-lasting quality.


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