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A washbasin is an integral part of every bathroom equipment. It is an everyday item – this is where we spend at least a dozen or so minutes every day. Therefore, it should be not only functional, but also durable and aesthetic. Our assortment includes products of this type from many series. These are universal products that retain their great appearance for many years.
Our offer includes washbasins from the following collections:
We offer washbasins that differ in shape, size and even the material used. A wide selection allows you to perfectly match a given product to your preferences and the arrangement of a specific room.
Our washbasins are made of materials that are easy to keep clean and resistant to mechanical damage. We offer products made of various raw materials — ceramics and conglomerate. Choosing the right one depends solely on the user’s preferences and budget.
Ceramic sinks
Ceramics is a very durable and functional material. Modern washbasins made of this material are covered with a special coating that makes it easier to keep them clean. They look stylish for a long time. They do not change shade as a result of use and are fully resistant to cleaning products. Ceramic washbasins often appear in bathroom interiors in any style. These are universal products, available in white and black.
Our assortment includes ceramic washbasins of different sizes. Many of them can be used in small bathrooms, where every square meter is at a premium. We offer both round and oblong products. Some of them will work perfectly in larger bathrooms, where one washbasin is sometimes used by two people at the same time.
Conglomerate sinks
Our offer also includes elegant conglomerate washbasins. It is a raw material that imitates stone. However, it is much cheaper — all due to the use of special resin mixtures that fills the washbasin structure. The products in our offer are white, which allows them to be used in combination with any furniture, tiles or accessories. They often appear as an element of modern arrangements, and are also a permanent feature of boho, glamor, and Scandinavian bathrooms. This material is resistant to mechanical damage, so it is difficult to scratch. This feature allows the washbasin to maintain its perfect appearance for years to come, even with intensive use.
Universal washbasins for many interiors
Our assortment includes white washbasins that can be incorporated into any bathroom. This color goes perfectly with most bathtubs and toilet bowls. White goes perfectly with almost all tiles and decorations. It allows for integration into minimalist arrangements as well as much more decorative ones. We offer washbasins that match perfectly with wood-like or plain, varnished furniture.
White ceramic or conglomerate washbasins fit perfectly into modern, glamorous, Scandinavian or classic arrangements. They are minimalist and do not dominate the entire design, even if the room is small. There is nothing stopping you from using even two washbasins in large bathrooms, creating a comfortable space for several users.
The key is to match the right product to the size of the cabinet and countertop. Our assortment includes stylish and functional washbasins in various sizes.
Washbasins in various sizes
Our washbasins can be used in both small and much larger rooms. The current assortment includes products with dimensions from 45 to even 120 cm. Choosing the right one should depend primarily on the size of the countertop and the room itself. In small bathrooms, you should choose compact washbasins that ensure the functionality of the arrangement. In large bathrooms, the washbasin may be the focal point on a given wall, so it is important that it be larger and more impressive. In this form, it will fit perfectly with the mirror.
The dimensions of the washbasin should also match the width of the bathroom furniture used in a given room. It is worth leaving at least a few centimeters of free space around the equipment. This will allow you to conveniently place soap dispensers and toothbrush containers. Our washbasins are part of more extensive collections. We recommend buying them in a package, so you can perfectly match the washbasin to the furniture structure by choosing a complete set.

Stylish washbasins for any arrangement
The washbasins included in our assortment are extremely stylish products. They allow them to be incorporated into the furnishings of any room. They were made with attention to the smallest details, in line with current trends. We offer rounded and angular washbasins. The choice of the right product should depend primarily on other forms appearing in the room. We offer washbasins in many variants, so they will work perfectly in various interiors, combined with any furniture collection from our assortment.
Uniform color, aesthetic design and modern solutions make our washbasins meet the tastes of even the most demanding users. They appear both in private apartments and bathrooms in public places, hotels and offices. Available washbasins can be used according to your needs, without having to buy furniture from our range. They allow you to place them directly on the worktop or build it into its structure, depending on the selected model. The best idea is definitely to order washbasins together with our bathroom furniture, creating a stylish and very coherent arrangement of a given interior.

Conglomerate and ceramic washbasins – various sizes
Our assortment includes washbasins made of conglomerate and ceramics. Feel free to check out stylish products perfect for modern bathrooms and more. Welcome on our website!