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Lighting is a vital element of every room's equipment. It allows the interior to remain functional after dark. What is usually used in rooms is several different light sources, and each of them is responsible for a different function. The same applies to bathrooms. It is worth ensuring adequate lighting, especially in areas where make-up or beauty treatments are performed. In such spaces, lamps are usually mounted near the mirror.
Our lamps are products available in many variants. They are characterized by high quality workmanship and a very universal design, which allows them to be used in any interior. They often appear in modern arrangements, where minimalism is usually the focal point. They illuminate the interior and the most important points of a given arrangement, and at the same time allow you to complement the bathroom. They look stylish even when they are turned off.

Where should one place our lamps?

Our lamps were designed primarily for bathrooms, which is why they work best in such spaces. Their design allows them to be incorporated into modern or industrial arrangements. All because of the quite simple, raw design. Chrome models are a great choice for brighter interiors with other silver elements. Black ones fit perfectly into dark arrangements, which create a rather elegant, mysterious atmosphere. Such products can also be a way to break up the entire outlook and achieve a contrasting effect — it all depends on your vision.
Our lamps meet the tastes of both people preparing their own bathroom equipment and those planning the arrangement of public buildings. Stylish accessories are increasingly appearing in bathrooms in commercial premises, office buildings, shopping centers, and hotels. The available lamps are very universal and functional products. Due to low power consumption, they can also be used in large rooms, where at least several lamps are usually installed.

Where should one place our lamps?

It is a good idea to combine LED bathroom lamps with many other products from our assortment, such as furniture sets. This allows you to create an aesthetic and coherent effect. We will be happy to help you choose the right equipment for your needs, as well as for the size and layout of your bathroom. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the lamps and other interior design elements available in our offer.

Products from the collection

Lamps in many versions

Our offer includes lamps that differ in both sizes and color. We focused primarily on universal products that can be used in any room. For this reason, the current offer includes lamps:

  • chrome-plated,

They allow you to combine them with any furniture and decorations. Black products work perfectly in modern, slightly darker designs, where, for example, there are faucets in this color. Chrome lamps also fit supremely into slightly more classic arrangements. They match perfectly with classic bathtub, shower or washbasin taps, as well as other decorations in the room. Both colors are available in two sizes.

Our lamps also differ in dimensions. Among them you will find products with a length of 30 and 60 cm. These are elongated structures that allow you to install them according to your needs and preferences. There is nothing stopping you from combining several pieces of such products in different sizes. This will allow you to create a decorative effect, as well as adapt the appropriate lamp to the free space in a given place. A great choice is to place such products for instance on the sides of the mirror or above it.

Lamps as a stylish addition

Bathroom lighting is primarily intended to guarantee the functionality of a given room. However, we focused on ensuring that the available products were also classy. The simple design and universal colors make this type of lighting can be used in many arrangements. A great choice is to combine lamps with bathroom furniture from our offer. This will allow you to create a coherent whole, especially when it comes to models made of board covered with wood-like laminate. Such designs go perfectly with black and chrome-plated oblong lamps.

The lamps available in our assortment facilitate highlighting the space around or even under the mirror. They work perfectly, especially in horizontal orientation. Many people use them primarily as decorations, not as the main light source. They are splendid for relaxing baths. They gently illuminate the interior, but allow you to create a subdued and atmospheric effect.

Lamps made of high-quality materials

The lamps included in our offer have been made in such a way that they can function properly and look impeccable even after many years of use. They were created using a material that is resistant to damage and allows it to be matched to other elements in the arrangement, such as bathroom faucets. In addition, the lamps include LED bulbs. They bring many benefits, which is why they are so popular in functional, modern interiors.

LED bulbs are so widespread primarily due to the fact that they consume little electricity. Moreover, they maintain their brightness for many years and do not burn out as is the case with classic light bulbs. They gradually fade away, so they can serve their function for up to a dozen years or so. They are eagerly chosen primarily due to the low costs of their use, which is of great importance in the bathroom. Such lamps are perfect for both private bathrooms and rooms of this type in shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings.

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Worktops made in sizes adapted to washbasin cabinets constitute the basis for countertop washbasins. In other sizes, they can also top storage cabinets, acting as an auxiliary worktop for care and hygiene activities, or just a decoration. Regardless of the type of use, countertops must demonstrate the resistance to bathroom conditions. Effective protection with a special foil that protects against moisture and ease of keeping clean are essential features for all types of countertops we produce. The countertops available in our offer can be universally used for all collections in furniture of appropriate sizes.



Our products allow you to create interiors tailored to the individual tastes and needs of users. Bathrooms and toilets are rooms where comfort, aesthetics, and functionality are as important as consistent implementation of the style used in other interiors. This allows you to build and consolidate your image and send a constant message to users.
When creating each product, we focus on quality and the ability to freely create an arrangement optimal for everyday use. Cabinets, countertops, lighting, mirrors, legs for cabinets, pillars, half-pillars, and washing machine casings – we design and produce all this to provide the best possible bathroom equipment.
The modularity of the furniture guarantees maximum ergonomic use of each space. The dimensions of cabinets and additional elements such as countertops allow for the fullest use of almost every centimeter according to the user's intentions. We help transform smaller spaces into organized and functional sets, perfect for storing necessary accessories. We give larger surfaces a chance to spectacularly present the available space and the furniture used. We try to adapt our capabilities to the needs of the target user.



Bathroom furniture should not only be stylish, but also functional and stable. On the market, you can find such equipment placed directly on the floor. However, many users want to create a lighter feel to it. In this case, the use of furniture legs is a perfect solution, as they allow you to raise the entire structure and optically enlarge the room. In our assortment you will find such products made of durable materials. They are available in several variants, so they can be adapted to the style of a specific room. Our furniture legs are a very aesthetic and, most importantly, stable product. They will successfully lift both the cabinet together with the items inside. The key is to install them properly. We offer furniture legs in several sizes, so every user can easily find something for themselves. One can obtain numerous benefits from using those products.
Furniture legs in many variants

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