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The Lupo collection is extremely wide and includes furniture of various sizes. It also includes basins that enable you to create a functional space in a given interior. The Lupo set was created for lovers of aesthetic, bright interiors and modernist solutions. It includes plastic elements and LED lighting, due to which you can create an amazing effect in the bathroom interior.

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Lupo collection – furniture with a traditional character

Furniture from the Lupo collection with LED lighting

LED lighting used in furniture from the Lupo collection is an amazing addition for creating an impressive bathroom interior design. It looks great especially after dark. Thanks to such furniture, it is possible to use the bathroom without having to turn on the main light. LED strips placed in the furniture help create an amazing atmosphere, especially appreciated during relaxing evening baths.

Basins in many sizes

The Lupo collection includes, among others, washbasins in many sizes - from 45 to 75 cm wide. Thus, you can match the appropriate product to the number of users in a specific room, as well as the dimensions of the bathroom. Individual pieces of furniture also vary in size. Each customer can independently decide which parts of the Lupo collection will be included in their room.

Products from the collection

High quality of furniture from the Lupo collection

Furniture from the Lupo collection is made using durable raw materials. Ceramics appear among them – this is what the washbasins in the series were made of. They look very aesthetic and are at the same time easy to keep clean. These are products that maintain their perfect appearance for a long time.

The fronts of furniture from the Lupo collection are made of 16 mm thick chipboard in white. The glossy finish facilitates illuminating a given room, which is a perfect solution, especially in small bathrooms. The furniture bodies are made of melamine board.

Additional furniture elements from the Lupo collection include:

  • handles made of plastic, chrome-plated;
  • metal, chrome legs.

Such accessories look extremely impressive when combined with white, shiny fronts. The modernist nature of the handles allows for use in modern interiors. Metal legs ensure the stability of the entire structure. They match admirably other chrome elements in the room. The furniture from the Lupo collection also uses concealed hinges and ball-bearing slides. These are high-quality elements that allow safe and trouble-free use of the equipment for a long time. Our furniture was designed to be used for at least a dozen years, without losing its functionality or aesthetic appearance.

Additional narrow furniture from the Lupo collection

The Lupo collection has been expanded to include additional 50 cm wide products. They enable you to fit many items and make maximum use of the space of a given room. This is a great choice, especially for small bathrooms. Additional products from the Lupo series include chests of drawers, hanging cabinets and tall cabinets. A narrow, high piece of furniture, 55 cm wide, deserves special attention. It was designed to store mops, brushes, and other cleaning accessories. Inserting a narrow cabinet in the bathroom allows you to create additional space for necessary things, as well as hide them from the eyes of people staying in the room.

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