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Modus Country is a collection of stylish furniture, perfect for loft rooms. These are raw structures based on metal and elements imitating natural wood. Such a minimalist design looks very stylish and does not overwhelm the entire arrangement. This furniture works perfectly in combination with architectural concrete, bricks or gray tiles.

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Stylish furniture

Furniture from the Modus Country collection is highly durable and aesthetic products. They are equipped with a number of modern technologies and features that facilitate their use for years to come. The dark color and light, simple design perfectly balance each other, which is why our furniture is supremely stylish.

Soft-closing system

Both cabinets and drawers from the Modus Country collection are equipped with a soft-closing system. It allows you to close the door slowly and gently, without any structural elements slamming together. This is a perfect solution, especially when you use the bathroom at night anddo not wish to wake up other household members. The soft-closing system also allows you to keep the furniture in good condition for longer - by minimizing cracks and impacts between specific chipboard elements.

Products from the collection

High-quality furniture from the Modus Country collection

Bathroom furniture from the Modus Country collection is made of durable 16 mm thick chipboard in country oak color. Thanks to the use of such material, they are more resistant to moisture that appears in the bathroom almost every day. The furniture also includes metal elements, characteristic of industrial-style products. We are talking mainly about black, matte handles. Elements made of chipboard are placed on a stable, black metal frame with a matte finish. This openwork structure with a simple design gives the interior spaciousness and does not dominate the entire arrangement.

The sinks are made of ceramics and conglomerate. They fit perfectly into industrial bathroom equipment. They are an aesthetic complement to furniture on dark, metal frames. These raw materials allow for easy cleaning and satisfactory use for many years.

Furniture from the Modus Country collection with many handy features

When designing bathroom furniture from the Modus Country collection, the main focus was on quality and functionality. That is why it uses technological solutions that facilitate the use. This includes amenities such as:

  • matte black metal handles, allowing easy opening and closing of drawers and cabinets,
  • cosmetic toolbox placed in a drawer, allowing you to sort small items inside the furniture,
  • soft-closing system used in cabinets and drawers.

Furniture from the Modus Country collection is available in several variants – functional cabinets or tall cabinets providing aesthetic storage space. Thanks to their country oak finish and slim design, they will give your bathroom a modern style while evoking a rustic atmosphere. The modules combine a simple form with a contrasting match of country oak with a delicate shade and matte black metal. This combination is a solution that will work perfectly in both small and larger rooms. They will not dominate the space and will allow you to conveniently store and sort small items.

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