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Furniture legs

Bathroom furniture should not only be stylish, but also functional and stable. On the market, you can find such equipment placed directly on the floor. However, many users want to create a lighter feel to it. In this case, the use of furniture legs is a perfect solution, as they allow you to raise the entire structure and optically enlarge the room. In our assortment you will find such products made of durable materials. They are available in several variants, so they can be adapted to the style of a specific room.

Our furniture legs are a very aesthetic and, most importantly, stable product. They will successfully lift both the cabinet together with the items inside. The key is to install them properly. We offer furniture legs in several sizes, so every user can easily find something for themselves. One can obtain numerous benefits from using those products.

Furniture legs in many variants

Our furniture legs are available in several variants. They differ from each other primarily in color and height. We offer black and chrome-plated products. The former will work best in modern interiors based on dark shades. They allow you to create an extremely stylish effect and atmosphere in line with current trends. Black furniture legs match perfectly bathroom faucets in the same color and a plethora of decorations used in the interior.

If you prefer more classic solutions, it is worth choosing chrome legs in a silver shade. They match many elements found in most bathrooms. They combine perfectly with, among others, white furniture. They are a great choice for brighter, more delicate arrangements. It is worth combining them with silver bathroom taps and handles, as well as lamp shades. This will create a consistent effect, making the legs a real decorative element.

Legs in both colors are available in 10 and 20 cm lengths. It’s up to you which model you choose. Longer products are a great choice, including the situation when tall people use the bathroom. This makes it much easier for them to perform daily hygiene activities at the sink.

When are furniture legs useful?

Furniture legs available in our assortment allow you to lift all equipment, which is a very beneficial solution, especially in small rooms. The greatest advantages of this type of elements include:

  • optical enlargement of space – furniture with free space near the floor looks much lighter, so it does not overwhelm; the legs will work perfectly, especially in small rooms,
  • raising the furniture – in the case of houses where tall people live, raising the bathroom furniture may be a way to improve the comfort of using them on a daily basis,
  • easier cleaning – suspended elements and furniture with high legs make cleaning the bathroom easier – the vacuum cleaner can easily get under the structure of the equipment,
  • stylish appearance – legs are a kind of decorative element, so in many cases they also allow you to highlight the design of the furniture and change the character of the entire space.

Furniture legs can be used in almost any arrangement, although they are definitely best suited for small rooms. However, it is worth remembering that such products cannot be installed in every case. They only fit furniture that was designed with optional legs in mind. You will find such equipment in our assortment, so it is a great idea to buy both products in a set. The legs are perfect especially for washbasin cabinets, which are usually one of the most important elements of the entire arrangement.

Furniture legs from our assortment

The legs available in our store fit perfectly to the furniture we offer, many of which were created with the possibility of modifying their design by using such elements.

Our products also have a consistent appearance. By choosing such products, you can create aesthetic furnishing for any room. Legs in black and silver allow you to combine them with furniture from various collections from our assortment. These are quite modern products, in line with current trends. They match perfectly both matte and high-gloss furniture. They can be used with uniform, minimalist white equipment, as well as those covered with a decor imitating natural wood.

Durable furniture legs

The furniture legs available in our offer are very durable products. They allow you to support even very heavy weights. The key is to install them properly, in accordance with the instructions. The application of four legs provides a stable base for each cabinet, even if there are heavy items inside – cosmetics, cleaning products or household appliances.

The furniture legs are made of hard material, properly protected against moisture, just like in the case of bathroom faucets. This allows them to be used in bathrooms without any problems. Such elements will successfully retain their great appearance for a long time. This is a perfect solution for people who want to create functional, aesthetic and durable bathroom equipment.

If you have any doubts about choosing the right legs for a given furniture set, we are pleased to help. We will be happy to advise you which products will work best in a specific room. We will make sure to create a stylish and functional arrangement, both for private bathrooms and those appearing in corporate or public buildings.

Furniture legs a stylish addition to bathroom equipment

We offer furniture legs that allow you to raise the equipment 10 or 20 cm above the floor. Check out our products available in two colors. We kindly invite you to get to know our offer!