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Our products allow you to create interiors tailored to the individual tastes and needs of users. Bathrooms and toilets are rooms where comfort, aesthetics, and functionality are as important as consistent implementation of the style used in other interiors. This allows you to build and consolidate your image and send a constant message to users.
When creating each product, we focus on quality and the ability to freely create an arrangement optimal for everyday use. Cabinets, countertops, lighting, mirrors, legs for cabinets, pillars, half-pillars, and washing machine casings – we design and produce all this to provide the best possible bathroom equipment.
The modularity of the furniture guarantees maximum ergonomic use of each space. The dimensions of cabinets and additional elements such as countertops allow for the fullest use of almost every centimeter according to the user's intentions. We help transform smaller spaces into organized and functional sets, perfect for storing necessary accessories. We give larger surfaces a chance to spectacularly present the available space and the furniture used. We try to adapt our capabilities to the needs of the target user.

What makes our handles unique?

ASTOR furniture handles take up a minimum amount of space, effectively displaying the excellent quality and aesthetics of the fronts. Their style is universal, their main feature is simplicity and functionality.
The handles are made of material resistant to moisture and damage. Their simplicity guarantees easy cleaning.

The essence of minimalism

ASTOR handles improve the ergonomics of the interior. They do not distract with their design. They fit perfectly with the chosen style of the entire bathroom, proving that less is more. The handles can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The universality of assembly becomes an ideal proposition for people looking for a unique and timeless design using high-quality products. From a collective to a single perspective.

Cabinets signed by ASTOR allow for easy opening and closing, without slamming, which could damage the fronts or the glass pane mounted on them. Soft-closing drawer systems were created for the same reason. The bathroom is supposed to be a zone of maximum comfort that should not be disturbed by anything. We are looking for additional aspects that increase the value of our collections. This is how we treat the category of handles. We have checked their functionality and offer optimal solutions.

ASTOR bathroom furniture is a color classic, a must-have in interior design. You can easily design a set that will combine the color styling into a unified whole. You can also use additional finishing materials, such as the colors of the walls, tiles, and accessories, to design an arrangement that will look great based on the color contrast. ASTOR cabinets are available in colors that fit perfectly into modern, glamorous, Scandinavian or classic interiors. They are minimalist and do not dominate the entire arrangement, creating an optimal and flexible basis for the remaining interior elements. The key is to use this potential for your own individual needs.

Subtle handles
Handy, solid, and discreet – ASTOR furniture handles are characterized by simplicity and minimalism. They do not compete with other interior elements. They optimally fulfill their role, leaving users free to use their own creativity. They blend in a very subtle way with arrangements evoking more traditional styles, but they work equally well in modern designs.

Our handles will not distract you with unnecessary excess when choosing. The classic color scheme comes down to three options: chrome, black, and gold. We offer durable and proven materials in four widths: 5 cm, 35 cm, 45 cm, and 65 cm.

A wide range of installation possibilities
The sizes of the handles allow them to be optimally matched to all cabinets from the System C collection. In mirror cabinets, they look great mounted to the lower edges of the fronts. You can decide for yourself whether the handle should be closer to the edge or closer to the center of the door. In cabinets mounted below, the handles can be arranged in any way. Before installation, check which arrangement of handles will ensure optimal performance of their functions, i.e. comfortable opening and closing.

It is possible to install it creating a parallel line between the height of the front and the width of the handle. It is worth checking how the handle looks in a position parallel to the shorter edge of the cabinet, i.e. its width. If the appropriate proportions are maintained, larger handles can be mounted in a centered option.


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