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Mirror cabinets with lighting

Our assortment includes mirror cabinets with lighting. These are products that combine several functions. They not only allow you to store many items, but also enable you to examine yourself while performing care and hygiene treatments. This is a perfect solution, especially for modern interiors that rely on non-standard furniture.

We offer mirror cabinets in many versions. They are an appealing addition to the ready-made furniture collections that appear in our assortment. They allow you to increase storage space in a given arrangement, while replacing a mirror. This is an interesting choice for both small and larger bathrooms. These are hanging cabinets that can be placed at any height, according to your needs. They are made in such a way that they look impeccable even after many years of use.

Mirror cabinets with lighting in many versions

Our offer includes mirror cabinets with lighting in many sizes and colors. These are products from collections such as:




Linda Country.

We offer mirror cabinets with widths from 50 to 100 cm, depending on the selected collection. Thereby, the available furniture works well in both small and much larger rooms.

In each case, the fronts of the cabinets are covered with a mirror, which optically enlarge the room and allow you to see yourself. A board is used on the sides, ensuring durability and stability of the entire piece. The choice of the right product should depend primarily on the furnishing of a given interior. Mirror cabinets also fit perfectly with many other pieces of furniture available in our assortment. It is best to match the white collection with universal models in the same color. Country oak furniture goes perfectly with cabinets imitating natural wood.

Stylish mirror cabinets for any arrangement

Mirror cabinets are used in many arrangements. It is an excellent choice, especially for modern or glamorous rooms. They will work well in both minimalist bathrooms and those with various types of decorations, e.g. made of materials imitating wood. These cabinets look amazing with green plants and plain tiles. These are extremely universal products, with a fairly simple design and colors that allow them to be combined with any interior furnishings.

Mirror cabinets are very universal and elegant. They successfully replace classic mirrors, while providing storage space. This is why they are so eagerly chosen by lovers of functional solutions. They are an interesting addition to the rest of the furniture from our assortment, especially since they match their shade.

Lighting in mirror cabinets

Additional lighting used in mirror cabinets from our range makes it much easier to perform basic activities in the bathroom. It provides illumination of the face, which is important, for example, when applying make-up. The additional light also looks very impressive.

Lighting in modern furniture usually takes the form of LEDs. Such bulbs are much more energy efficient. They are also characterized by a longer life, allowing you to use them without replacing the diodes for up to a dozen years. The use of this form of lighting in bathroom furniture is therefore very functional and aesthetic. It’s up to you when you turn on the light. It will be especially useful when performing more precise activities, when the main lamp in the room is not enough.

Mirrors optically enlarge the space

Mirror cabinets with lighting are an excellent choice for small rooms, which often focus on solutions that optically enlarge the space. This is because it can reflect other objects in the interior, giving the impression of depth. The use of mirrors allows you to “open” the arrangement, making it much less overwhelming, even if the room is small.

Mirrors reflect light sources, which is why they allow you to create an amazing effect, especially in modern or glamorous interiors. Additional lighting installed in the upper part of the cabinet makes this result even more visible.

Mirrors appear in many rooms where it is necessary to optically enlarge the space. In bathrooms, they can be placed both near the sink or on a completely different wall. It is worth installing them in such a way that the decorative lighting is reflected in the mirror. Such products also go well with furniture with atmospheric lighting.

High quality mirror cabinets

Our mirror cabinets with lighting are made of high-quality chipboard. A mirror is mounted on the fronts. The glass pane has been attached in such a way that it does not fall off during many years of use. As a result, the furniture is completely safe.

Our products use a soft-closing system, which causes the doors to close very slowly and gently. This limits slamming the doors that can negatively affect the condition of the entire structure, especially the glass pane placed on the front. This solution is appreciated primarily by fans of modern, functional solutions.

Mirror cabinets with lighting are designed to ensure comfort of use and great appearance of the furniture for many years. Their color does not change over time, so they can look beautiful for years to come. Moreover, they are also resistant to moisture, which regularly appears in bathrooms. In a properly ventilated room, furniture also maintains its great appearance.

Mirror cabinets with lighting – bathroom furniture

Our offer includes mirror cabinets with lighting in many versions. Check out white and country oak furniture. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer.