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Mirror cabinets without lighting

Every bathroom needs different furniture. These include, among others, hanging cabinets. Modern arrangements focus on products that are not only aesthetic, but also functional. Such products work perfectly for example in small bathrooms, the thoughtful arrangement of which is usually a bit more difficult.

Our mirror cabinets without lighting combine several functions. They are primarily a piece of furniture that holds many small and slightly larger products. Inside, they are divided into several spaces. This provides order and much better use of the available space. Another function of such cabinets is to replace a mirror. You can look at their surface while styling your hair or applying make-up. This is a hit, especially for smaller rooms.

Our offer includes mirror cabinets without lighting from two collections:

  • Ida,
  • Aron.

Such products differ in their exact style, including shape. This is remarkably chic furniture, available in white. This color allows them to be incorporated into the furnishings of many rooms, creating a stylish arrangement. It fits both minimalist and colorful interiors.

Mirror cabinets without lighting in various sizes

What is a splendid advantage of our mirror cabinets without lighting is their availability in various sizes. These include products with a width of 40 to 80 cm. Such a wide selection allows you to match the appropriate product to your needs and the size of a given room. In smaller bathrooms, narrower models will work best as they will not overwhelm the entire arrangement, but will allow you to create sufficient storage space.

Mirror cabinets are hanging products that can be placed anywhere even above the washbasin or close to it. This is a way to complement each collection of bathroom furniture available in our assortment. There is nothing stopping you from using several models of mirror cabinets with different dimensions in a given interior.

Where are mirror cabinets without lighting useful?

Mirror cabinets without lighting are especially useful in rooms with a limited space or unusual layout. They allow you to visually enlarge the bathroom. Mirror-covered cabinets reflect light perfectly, creating the impression of additional space. It’s a hit for both glamorous and modern rooms. In such rooms, you can choose even several models of mirror cabinets without lighting. As a result their surface will mirror reflections, which will give an additional chic look.

Our mirror cabinets without lighting are widely used both in private bathrooms and, among others, in hotel rooms. They are an ideal place to store items that should not be kept in visible places. The available products combine excellent appearance, high quality of workmanship and functionality.

Functional mirror cabinets

The mirror cabinets available in our assortment are very functional products. Inside, there are special compartments and shelves that make it much easier to sort your items. The cabinets can be used to store cosmetics, cleaning products, and other accessories. They are hidden behind mirror doors, thanks to which it is possible to maintain order in the room.

Mirror cabinets also allow for easy opening and closing, without slamming, which could damage the glass pane mounted on the fronts. These are products that maintain their perfect appearance for many years. Our assortment includes products of this type in various sizes. They can be used both in small bathrooms and in much larger rooms where space management is also difficult.

Stylish mirror cabinets for the bathroom

Mirror cabinets without lighting for the bathroom are truly aesthetic products. They were created in line with current trends in interior design. The fronts are covered with a mirror, reflecting other elements appearing in the room. White chipboard was used on the sides. This color is extremely universal. It allows for integration into bright arrangements, optically enlarging the interior. This color, combined with a mirror, allows you to achieve a light effect, perfect for all spaces, including small bathrooms.

The white bodies of the hanging cabinets also match many other pieces of furniture available in our assortment. We offer entire collections of such products. They allow you to create a coherent room furnishing, usually in a modern style. Available mirror cabinets allow you to expand such sets, creating additional space for storage and viewing at the same time.

Mirror cabinets that will last for many years

The mirror cabinets are made of high quality chipboard. It is an extremely durable material, allowing you to use the finished equipment without any problems for a long time. It does not deform under the influence of moisture, which regularly appears in the bathroom. What’s more, they do not get damaged under heavy pressure, especially if there are heavy objects inside the cabinets. This is high-quality furniture designed for demanding users who want to equip their room so that it can serve without any problems for a long time.

The quality of the cabinets goes hand in hand with their perfect appearance, also when it comes to the mirror front. The glass pane has been mounted in such a way that it ensures completely safe use for years to come. The cabinets in our range are very universal, so they will also work well if you regularly change the arrangement of a given room. This is a way to furnish your bathroom in a stylish and functional way for at least a dozen years or so. We invite you to check out our mirror products.

Mirror cabinets for bathrooms – functional bathroom furniture

We offer bathroom mirror cabinets in many sizes. This is furniture that combines the function of a mirror and storage space. Check available products.