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Adel White

The Adel White collection is aesthetic, minimalist furniture for many bathroom interiors.
It combines modern, functional solutions and perfect appearance.



Choose a mirror that will be tailored to your needs. Choose a new bathroom mirror with a practical or decorative function.

Special offer

System C Gray

The System C collection in gray is an excellent base for creating any design in bathrooms. Gray colors used in interior design are synonymous with timeless style.


A washbasin is an integral part of every bathroom equipment. It is an everyday item – we spend at least a dozen or so minutes with it every day. Therefore, it should be not only functional, but also durable and aesthetic. Our assortment includes products of this type from many series.


Mirror cabinets with lighting

Our assortment includes mirror cabinets with lighting. These are products that combine several functions. They not only allow you to store many items, but also allow you to view yourself while performing care and hygiene treatments. This is a perfect solution, especially for modern interiors that rely on non-standard furniture.


Mirror cabinets without lighting

Every bathroom needs different furniture. These include, among others: hanging cabinets. Modern arrangements focus on products that are not only aesthetic, but also functional. Such products work perfectly, among others: in small bathrooms, the thoughtful arrangement of which is usually a bit more difficult.



Furniture legs in many variants

Our furniture legs are available in several variants. They differ from each other primarily in color and height. We offer black and chrome products. The first of them will work best in modern interiors based on dark shades. They allow you to create an extremely stylish effect and atmosphere in line with current trends. Black furniture legs match perfectly with bathroom faucets in the same color and many decorations used in the interior.


Lamps in many versions

Lighting is a very important element of every room’s equipment. It allows the interior to remain functional after dark. Several different light sources are usually used in rooms, and each of them is responsible for a different function. It’s the same in bathrooms. It is worth ensuring adequate lighting, especially in areas where makeup or beauty treatments are performed. In such rooms, lamps are usually mounted near the mirror.


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